Action Project 3

Student Voices: Collecting and Responding to Student Input

Project Goal

The Student Voices action project is designed to provide regular opportunities throughout the year for students to share their ideas and concerns about their experiences at WSCC and know that their input is being utilized. We will create a routine process for gathering information whereby students can both suggest improvements for and acknowledge successful practices of our college. We will generate a pathway for these comments to be compiled and reviewed by college personnel. Decisions made using Student Voice input will be shared throughout our college by means of a logo and branding campaign.

Reasons for Project

At present, numerous changes are taking place in higher education which focus on student success. Students are our key stakeholders, and it is important for Washington State to develop a systematic way of addressing their needs. We need to ensure that we are creating the best possible learning environment for students to spend two to three years at WSCC, which includes taking their feedback into account. Increased student participation and satisfaction will lead to increased enrollment and student success.

Organizational Areas Affected

The scope of this action project is meant to be far reaching. The Student Voices project will be led by staff from Enrollment Management, which includes Student Services as well as the Center for Student Success. However, the data collected from the project will be used to improve the overall student experience related to both support services (advising, tutoring) as well as academics.

Key Organizational Process(es)

Helping Students Learn: Discovering gaps and successes in the learning process through student feedback.

Understanding Student and Other Stakeholder Needs: We plan to create a structured, annual plan for gathering data. We plan to act on suggestions that are reasonable to increase student satisfaction. We intend to provide students with a recognizable outlet for their thoughts and ideas about the college.

Supporting Institutional Operations: Student feedback could have an impact in nearly every office and area on campus.

Project Time Frame Rationale

It will take some time for students to become familiar with the Student Voices project. We will also need to identify and budget for various activities. There will be one planned Student Voices event each month that will enable WSCC to collect a significant amount of data during the academic year, which can be used towards continuous improvement efforts.

Project Success Monitoring

  • Frequency: At least one Student Voices activity will be enacted each month beginning in October 2013.
  • Procedure: A small group made up of the Coordinator of the Center for Student Success, Assistant Director for Student Admissions, and either the Student Senate President or Vice President shall be established to review accumulated student input. This group will compile the information and report to our Executive Cabinet.
  • Student Participation: Student Voices events will be held both during class time and as extra-curricular events. Several different activities and incentives shall be implemented throughout the year in order to maximize volume and diversity of student participation.
  • Student Surveys: Regular, written data will be archived from each of the Student Voices events.

Project Outcome Measures

  • Student Voices brand shall be created and implemented.
  • Input from Student Voices events will be cataloged and summarized by topic on our internal SharePoint site. Student participation numbers will be included.
  • Each term, WSCC will identify at least three opportunities for improvement based on student feedback. Our college will then implement changes to address those opportunities.
  • These changes will be communicated back to students as direct results of their participation in Student Voices events.
  • Regular Student Voices activities will be integrated into enrollment management activities throughout the year.


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