Action Project 4

Tracking Continuous Quality Processes

Project Goal

The College's Data Action Team (DAT), with input from all full-time employees, will develop a template on which to describe and track the College's continuous quality processes, which will include measurable outcomes. As a way to disseminate information, DAT will work with college members to post projects and results to our internal SharePoint site. (DAT is composed of faculty, staff, and administrators.)

Reasons for Project

Washington State Community College routinely generates a significant stream of projects to address challenges and improve current processes. This project will allow the College to systematically document these activities and demonstrate their outcomes to stakeholders.

Organizational Areas Affected

This project will affect all college operations as continuous quality processes are campus wide. All full-time employees will have an opportunity to provide input on the template's design, action project concept, and continuous quality processes.

Key Organizational Process(es)

This project will guide us in being aware of activities which cut across our campus, who is involved in them, and the results they generate. Our key organizational processes will focus primarily on measuring effectiveness (Category 7) with emphasis on planning continuous improvement (Category 8) and on communicating (Category 5).

Project Time Frame Rationale

This will be an ongoing project. The design and implementation will take place beginning October 2013.

Project Success Monitoring

  • College employees were made aware of project and were provided an opportunity to provide feedback
  • Project design and template were completed in October 2013
  • College units began entering their processes to our SharePoint site

Project Outcome Measures

DAT engaged in the following:

  • provide oversight and ongoing support on how to measure and report outcomes
  • document number of projects and the results or status of each project; share information
  • evaluate project results and collect feedback to determine if additional action is necessary


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