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Student loan debt is on the rise nationally as students struggle to find ways to pay for higher education. Many students have difficulty navigating financial aid. For student loan borrowers, many do not fully understand their repayment obligations after graduation. Washington State Community College (WSCC) is partnering with SALT to combat this tough issue by educating students about their options. SALT is an important financial aid resource that offers student loan debt solutions in a convenient web-based program. One of the most daunting challenges for current college students, as well as graduates, is how to manage and repay college loans. While SALT is not technically an acronym, it has been jokingly referred to as Students Against Loan Terrorism. The actual origin of the name SALT comes from the fact that salt was used as one of the first forms of currency in early civilizations. In either case, the aim of the program is the same- to help students set realistic goals for loan repayment as well as educating them about the many options that exist.

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Washington State Community College (WSCC) is proud to announce 44 new members of the Alpha Rho Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. An induction ceremony was held on November 21st in the Graham Auditorium at WSCC to welcome the newest members of the organization. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an honor society for students attending 2-year colleges. Members of PTK are recognized for their academic achievements and are encouraged to develop leadership skills that will help them later in life. In addition to these benefits, PTK also offers scholarships for members. The scholarships offered to PTK members total over 37 million dollars and can be used at colleges and universities across the country. Members of PTK are also taught the importance of civic outreach and taking the time to help your local community.

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Over 70 community members helped to form the curriculum for courses offered at Washington State Community College (WSCC) by participating in the Business, Engineering, and Industrial Advisory Committee Meeting held on October 29. WSCC holds Advisory Committee Meetings twice annually to get the community involved with the classes that are offered both on campus and online. By consulting community members, WSCC is able to make sure that their curriculum is up to date. WSCC wants to offer an education that provides the skills necessary for students to be able to find gainful employment after graduation. These meetings also ensure that the programs that are offered at WSCC can be successfully transferred to four year institutions.

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