Upcoming Math Summit at WSCC to Promote Dialogue between Local Math Educators

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Washington State Community College (WSCC) will hold a Math Summit on April 19th. The summit comes during the heart of Community College Month, and its purpose is to bring attention to the math-skills gap that is causing problems for some area high-school graduates when they begin math studies at the college level. Goals of the summit include bringing secondary and post-secondary math educators together to brainstorm solutions for this skills gap, particularly as it pertains to lack of retention of previously learned material. David Scheimann, Retention Coordinator at WSCC, talks about the reasons for the summit. "I have some statistics that show that a lot of students test into developmental math at WSCC, and it concerns me because they have already been through the material", he laments. It will take the collaboration of both secondary and college instructors to make sure incoming college students are well-prepared for math success at WSCC and other institutions of higher education.

"I'm hoping for a dialogue between the schools and our college that will examine the issues that students are facing, and how we can come together to provide a better transition between our institutions," says Scheimann. He goes on to discuss the difficulty that the math-skills gap can bring about, explaining, "When students test into lower levels of developmental math, it takes them longer to get through the sequence that leads to college-level math and to their degree, so we want to help them test higher to save time and money, and demonstrate better math aptitude in general."

For the upcoming summit, WSCC is seeking input and participation from local math education professionals. Those who are interested in taking part in the dialogue are encouraged to contact Scheimann at (740) 568-1913 or via email at dscheimann@wscc.edu.

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