WSCC and SALT Teach Students How to Navigate College Loans

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Student loan debt is on the rise nationally as students struggle to find ways to pay for higher education. Many students have difficulty navigating financial aid. For student loan borrowers, many do not fully understand their repayment obligations after graduation. Washington State Community College (WSCC) is partnering with SALT to combat this tough issue by educating students about their options. SALT is an important financial aid resource that offers student loan debt solutions in a convenient web-based program. One of the most daunting challenges for current college students, as well as graduates, is how to manage and repay college loans. While SALT is not technically an acronym, it has been jokingly referred to as Students Against Loan Terrorism. The actual origin of the name SALT comes from the fact that salt was used as one of the first forms of currency in early civilizations. In either case, the aim of the program is the same- to help students set realistic goals for loan repayment as well as educating them about the many options that exist.

Many students have several different loans and different interest rates from different providers. For someone who has just finished school, paying off student loans can feel like an insurmountable goal. Shannon Venezia, Director of Financial Aid and Government Relations at WSCC, stresses that, "It is okay to take out student loans, you just have to make responsible decisions and stay informed." Fortunately, the people at SALT understand the system and are here to help students and graduates alike. teaches students and graduates how to manage their money, and how to avoid loan repayment delinquency.

By collaborating with SALT, WSCC is able to offer special advantages to WSCC students, alumni, and faculty. On top of the free services of the website, WSCC students are able to upload their student loan information in a few simple steps. Venezia explained the importance of using SALT, stating "I would encourage students to use this service because it isn't just student loans. It teaches budgeting, buying a car, information on mortgages, and many other topics."

SALT is a free website that allows people to enter their loan information and explore their repayment options. These options include, but are not limited to, loan consolidation, loan deferment, and standard loan payment plans. By educating others, SALT hopes to cut the amount of student loans owed across the country. With the amount of student loan debt students owe rising every year, many different groups are trying to figure out a way to help with the repayment process. Instead of temporary quick fixes for these financial issues, SALT relies on educating students for lifelong solutions. By utilizing the different features on the website, students can learn not only about repayment options, but also how to budget other aspects of their financial life.

Make a free account and upload your loan information to www. today! The site provides step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process in an easy and straightforward manner. Once your information is uploaded, you can access different repayment options and different help references that assess how they would affect your monthly payments. For more information or to try it out for free, please visit or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

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