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Over 70 community members helped to form the curriculum for courses offered at Washington State Community College (WSCC) by participating in the Business, Engineering, and Industrial Advisory Committee Meeting held on October 29. WSCC holds Advisory Committee Meetings twice annually to get the community involved with the classes that are offered both on campus and online. By consulting community members, WSCC is able to make sure that their curriculum is up to date. WSCC wants to offer an education that provides the skills necessary for students to be able to find gainful employment after graduation. These meetings also ensure that the programs that are offered at WSCC can be successfully transferred to four year institutions.


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20131125 amanda-andersonWashington State Community College (WSCC) is proud to announce that Amanda Anderson has earned her doctorate. Anderson, a full-time English Faculty member at WSCC, recently defended her dissertation at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She commented that her dissertation, titled Scripts that Tame Us: 'Beauty and the Beast' as Vehicle for Cultural Construction and Deconstruction, is a "multidisciplinary project that offers insight as to the power revised texts have over their precursor texts and their producing culture." Her interesting look into a beloved classic reveals that "not only does culture dictate the tales we tell, but also that the tales we tell dictate our cultural identity." She also explored the connotations of the Beats as "other" and the feminine ideal that Belle embodies. Anderson's insightful look into the text of 'Beauty and the Beast' was well received and WSCC is happy to congratulate her on this impressive accomplishment.

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Come explore your possibilities at Washington State Community College (WSCC) by signing up for one of the many programs offered here at WSCC. Whether you are looking for a degree program, a professional certification, or select courses to help you further your career, WSCC can fit your educational needs. WSCC is providing new students with two Saturday registration opportunities. Student Services, located in the main building on the WSCC campus, will be open 9:00 am to 1:00pm on November 16th and December 14th. Students interested in starting classes on January 13 can schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor and get registered for the Spring Semester. In addition to registration, Student Services will also be providing Compass tests for incoming students. For more information or to schedule a registration appointment, please call 740.374.8716.

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