If your ultimate goal is to earn your bachelor's degree in science, or a science related field, then our Physical Sciences Transfer program is designed specifically for you. Do you want to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, astronomy, meteorology or environmental science? Then you're at the right place.  This program will provide you with the foundation courses necessary for transfer to a four-year institution with junior status.

Our primary goal is to build math, science, analytical, and communication skills. As a graduate of the program, you will be able to demonstrate competency in Chemistry, Math and Physics. The program will also develop your ability to evaluate and interpret results of experiments, calculations, and technological devices. The skills learned here will ultimately help to ensure you are prepared for the rigor and expectation necessary to reach your goal of a bachelor's degree.

It's important to note you may need additional courses to meet the 57 Transfer Module credit hour minimum. When selecting electives at Washington State, you should plan for the foreign language requirements of the baccalaureate programs you intend to complete.

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