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At Washington State Community College we want to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our online orientation provides you with information that will allow you to quickly adapt to the campus community and the resources WSCC has to offer you.

As a community college we share in the success of our students, it is your success that matters to us.

For this online orientation,click the arrows to the left and right of each page to advance.


What's Next at WSCC?

1 - Apply for admissions

Complete admissions online at or submit a paper application at the Admissions Office

2 - Submit required documents

Request high school transcript or request college transcript, if applicable

3 - Fill out FAFSA

Complete the form at

4 - Complete Placement Assessment

Contact the student services office and arrange an appointment

5 - Access your Washington State e-mail and WebAdvisor account

You will receive your e-mail ID and password in the mail

6 - Build a schedule and register for classes

Work with an advisor to help you decide what classes are best for you

7 - Pay fees or assure financial aid process is complete before deadline

If payment is not made, or financial aid in place, your schedule will be de-activated & you will be automatically de-registered from your classes.

8 - Get student ID card

Visit the student services office to obtain your student ID

9 - Get parking permit

Parking permits are available in the business office

10 - Buy Books

The books and supplies you need are available in the College Bookstore

2015-2016 Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2015


Fall Semester 2015 Continued

Winter Intersession 2016


Spring Semester 2016


What is MyWSCC?


MyWSCC is Washington State's single sign-on portal. MyWSCC allows you to use one name and one place sign in to access. WebAdvisor, WebMail, and e-Learning.


Financial Aid


For information, forms and frequently asked questions on applying for grants, loans and other types of financial aid, visit the Financial Aid Office link:

Financial Aid at Washington State Community College


Advising and Registration

Academic Advising

Washington State Community College views student advisement as an important, on-going process. Every student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists the student in selecting and scheduling appropriate classes to fulfill his/her educational requirements.

The advising system is designed to assist each student on an individual basis. Academic advising helps you to:

  • Understand Washington State's degree requirements
  • Understand transfer requirements
  • Become aware of and interpret academic policies as they relate to your situation
  • Develop educational goals as they relate to careers
  • Develop course schedule that considers you consider your academic background, course prerequisites, and educational goals
  • Identify appropriate personnel to assist you with study skills, career counseling, and resolving complaints
  • Learn about transfer opportunities at area colleges

Registration Tips:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor during the advising period (refer to the Academic Calendar) and be on time for the appointment.

  2. Have a tentative schedule of classes each semester before meeting with your advisor. Be prepared with alternate class options.

  3. Keep records of all WSCC transactions (transfer credit slips, test scores, drop/add/withdrawal form, etc.)

How to register for classes

1. IN PERSON After completing an admissions appointment followed by an advising appointment, complete a registration form and give it to an assistant at the Records Office. You can pay your fees at the business office, immediately after registering. NOTE: First time students must register at the College campus. Returning students can register in person on campus or on the Web through WebAdvisor.

2. ON WEB ADVISOR (Each student is issued an ID & password)

  • Click on WebAdvisor and log in using ID and password
  • Choose "register" and follow instructions.
  • Payment you can pay your fees over Web

Payment and Fees

Tuition and Related Fees

$139 per credit hour for residents of Ohio
$278 per credit hour for out-of-state students

Laboratory and testing fees are assessed for some programs and/or courses.
For a list of fees contact the Business Office.

Payment Due Date
Applicable fees are to be paid each term at the business office by the dates designated in the academic schedule. Failure to pay fees by the due date will result in having the student's schedule deactivated unless financial aid or payment arrangements have been made. Deactivation of a schedule can result in the loss of a student's seat in class.

Refund of Fees
Students who wish to withdraw from a course must completethe academic withdrawal procedure to qualify for a refund. Please see the business office located in the Main Building for more details.


How to Pay Fees

You can pay fees in person via WebAdvisor or by mail.

You can check on how much you owe in fees by logging into WebAdvisor or by stopping by the business office during regular business hours.

To pay in person: Pay at the business office service window in the Main Building. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted. Regular office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except during summer when the office closes at noon on Fridays.

To pay via WebAdvisor: Each student is issued an ID and password to be used in accessing WebAdvisor. To log in go to

  1. Click on MyWSCC and log in.

  2. Click on WebAdvisor

  3. Choose "make payment" and follow instructions.

  4. For assistance visit the Help Desk from the Web site, on campus AS253, or call 740.568.1949.


Buying Books


The Washington State bookstore located in the Main Building, next to the cafeteria, on campus. The bookstore is your resource for textbooks, reference materials, office and school supplies, software, gifts, clothing, lab and nursing supplies.


Bookstore Hours

For hours see the Bookstore website at


A used book company is on campus during finals week to buy used books. Contact the bookstore for more information.


The WSCC bookstore accepts returns during the first two weeks of each term only. Returns will not be accepted past the second week. A receipt is required when making a return. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If a book is purchased after the second week of the term, it is a non-returnable purchase. All books must be in the original shrink wrapping.



Withdrawal from a course

A student may withdraw from a course, add a course, or withdraw from the college during the first week of any term by completing the drop/add form which may be obtained from the records office.

A grade of "W" is entered on the student's transcript after the first week of classes. The deadline for withdrawing from a course with the grade of "W" will be announced by the records office each term.

Procedure to withdrawal from a course is:

  1. Meet with your advisor to determine impact of withdrawing from this course.

  2. Confirm with the Financial Aid office what the impact will be from withdrawing from this course.

  3. Obtain a drop/add form from the records office and complete it.

  4. Pay the $10 fee at the business office and have the form validated.

  5. Return the form to the records office. The records office will then notify all instructors that the drop/add has been received and will record the letter grade of W on the students permanent record.


Withdrawal from the college

Any student who wishes to withdraw from the college should follow the same procedure as withdrawing from a course. In case of emergency, withdrawal will be executed in absentia upon receipt of written notification to the records office.




On Campus Resources

At Washington State we want you to SUCCEED! There are several tools available through the College to help you work smarter and make the most out of your time here. For additional questions please don't hesitate to ask your advisor.

Child Development Center

The Evergreen Child Development Center serves students, employees, and the community with quality child development services. The building includes four classrooms with infants through children five years of age, an event room for indoor play, fenced lighted outdoor play areas, kitchen, and staff offices. Up to 69 children can be accommodated at the Center, which is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The 7,500 square foot building opened in 2003.

The Center is open Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 6:00pm. For more information about the Center's services call 740-568-1920. To read about the Evergreen Child Development Center philosophy on child growth and development, click here.


Computer Labs

There are computer labs located around campus providing general and specialized computer access for students. All students MUST show their WSCC ID in order use the lab.

Lab Location Hours
Primary Lab Arts & Science 253 Posted Each Term
Learning Center Lab 1st floor of Arts & Science Posted Each Term
Library Lab Library Posted Each Term
NOTE: Other labs on campus are equipped with software and hardware specific program requirements.

Student Support Services

Located in the Arts and Sciences Building, the Learning Center is the place to go for additional help with your classes. To learn more about Washington State's student support services follow this link to the main page.


Learning Center

Located on the first floor of the Arts & Science building the Learning Center is open to all students to help them succeed in college. The Center provides multimedia resources and academic support services, which includes:

  • Software programs that provide instruction in basic skills and supplemental materials to classroom instruction
  • Study carrels that are wired for audiovisual equipment and materials
  • Tables for group and individual tutoring
  • Writing, math/science, and American Sign Language tutors are staffed to provided short term or on-spot academic support
  • Computers including software tutorials, MS Office, and Internet access
  • Adaptive equipment for students with disabilities

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Fridays 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Library Services

To see what's available through our library services, click here.

Tutoring Service

tutoring-studentTutoring programs offer individual and group tutoring in a variety of courses. Program tutors are recruited, trained and supervised by the academic coordinator and they attend a training workshop each semester.

For more information about the tutoring program contact the academic coordinator in the campus Learning Center at 740-374-8716 ext 2501.


Service for Disabilities

Washington State ensures that each qualified person shall receive appropriate accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities, programs and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate. A person with a disability includes anyone who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities is regarded as having such an impairment.

Accommodations are arranged on an individual, case-by-case basis.
Available accommodations include:
  • test readers, scribes, & note takers
  • texts in alternative format
  • tape recorders
  • sign language interpreters
  • assistive technology
  • quiet testing environment
  • advising and referral

To arrange accommodations, contact Patti Zakowski in the Office of Disability Services located in the Learning Center or by calling 740.568.1913.


Career and Job Resources

Career Planning

Students, or potential students, interested in exploring career fields and setting career goals should contact student services to schedule an appointment for career advising. Student services offers various job resources to help with your career exploration.




FOCUS is a online self paced career guidance tool that will assist you in self-assessment and career exploration. Users of FOCUS learn to make more realistic decisions about their goals and plans, how to self-manage their careers and the importance of adaptability in these times of change. To complete a FOCUS assessment online you are required to have an insititution keycode to enter the site. Use key code "wscc275"

College Central Network

The College Central Network (CCN) is the career services site for job and resume posting, along with other information for employers and prospective employees. CCN is a resource for Washington State students, alumni and businesses in the region. Registered users of the forum can also view PowerPoint tools and resume writing and interviewing skills. If you have questions about CCN that are not answered on the site, contact the Career Services office at 740.374.8716 ext. 1412.


Transcripts and Transfering

Transfer of Credit

  • Students may transfer credit from other colleges to WSCC upon receipt of an official transcript by the college records office.
  • College credit can only be transferred to WSCC from an institution accredited by a recognized regional accrediting commission.
  • The grade transfer credit must be a C or better, or equivalent except as noted under the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy.
  • In order to be applied toward graduation requirements, the credit transferred to WSCC must be applicable to the program of study being taken at WSCC
  • Washington State subscribes to the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy as it applies to courses transferred from other Ohio state colleges and universities and certain private general courses will be transferred into the College regardless of how long ago they were taken. However, in some subjects areas which have undergone rapid technological changes in recent years, the faculty reserves the right to examination or to repeat the courses. Students should work closely with their faculty advisors on matters of course transference.
  • Students eligible for Veterans Educational Benefits cannot receive benefits for any course for which they previously received credit.
  • The content of courses transferred must be equivalent to the current Washington State course content.
  • Credit for a course which is applicable to graduation will not be granted in an amount in excess of the current course credit offered by Washington State.

Transcript Information

Students who wish to have a transcript of their work at Washington State sent to another institution or to a prospective employer must submit a request in writing to the records office; request by fax will be accepted if accompanied by credit/debit card payment. There is a $15 fee per transcript.

Students should allow five working days for processing an official transcript. Official transcripts will not be issued during finals week for currently enrolled students.

student hat


Making Changes

Change of Address & Change of Name
It is the student's responsibility to keep his/hers current address & phone number on file in the records office. This information is required for mailing correspondence and other official documents. Address changes may be made online using WebAdvisor.

Students requesting a name change must complete a change of name/address form. The registrar's office will not process a name change received via registration, drop/add forms. Students must also provide a legal document (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) verifying the change. Click here for a Change of Name & Address Form.

Change of Major
An appointment must be scheduled by the student with his/her new advisor. The advisor will be supplied with a change of major form and a copy of the students academic record to be used during academic advising.

Change of Schedule
Students wishing to change their schedules after registration are permitted a period of one week to make the changes. No courses may be added to a student's schedule after the first week of the term. Following the authorized change period, students may still withdrawal from classes.


Student News

Washington State provides two great resources for students to find out about campus news and events.

Scoop TV
Scoop TV is your news source for events and important dates around campus. Look for Scoop TV in main reception area of the main building and Arts & Sciences.

You may also notice the newsletters located in all the restrooms on campus. Collage is another great way to find out about the happenings on campus.  If you're going to be there anyway, you might as well have something to read! If you haven't caught an issue of Collage on campus, the online archive can be found here!


Campus Life at WSCC

There are opportunities to get involved and contribute to the community through service projects, blood drives, and other activities.

Awareness events provide eye-opening opportunities, like Go Red for Women Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, global warming awareness and alcohol awareness activities.

Several programs and clubs on campus particpate in community service and activities, too.



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