Associate of Technical Studies

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The Associate of Technical Studies (A.T.S.) is awarded for successful completion of a minimum of sixty semester credit hours of an individually planned technical education program designed to respond to needs for specialized technical education not currently available in the formal degree programs on a particular campus.

As with all technical associate degrees, the program leading to an Associate of Technical Studies must have an area of concentration which is equivalent to thirty semester credit hours in technical studies and clearly identifiable with a career objective.

The area of concentration can be formed either by:

  • A coherent combination of technical courses drawn from two or more technical programs currently offered by the awarding institution to service a career objective which would not be adequately addressed by one of those existing programs; or
  • Courses completed or training received by a student at other institutions of higher education, career centers, or other educational enterprises judged by the institution to be of college level and for which the institution awards degree credit, to a maximum of thirty semester credit hours, prior to the declaration of candidacy for the degree.

Program available with the Associate of Technical Studies:

The actual degree awarded must contain the name of the student's area of concentration, e.g., Associate of Technical Studies in Diesel Technology. Extensive individualized academic advisement may be necessary for the planning of such programs, and each candidate for this degree must complete an A.T.S. application which identifies the area of concentration and designates courses to be taken to complete the degree. Such a plan will generally be completed prior to the student's having earned forty semester credit hours at the awarding institution. Plans submitted after forty semester credit hours are completed must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Transfer to a 4-year college

Graduates of the A.T.S. programs who wish to extend their studies to baccalaureate-level programs may need to complete a substantial amount of lower division coursework at the transfer institution. Students satisfactorily completing this degree must assume that four-year institutions may evaluate their credits on a course-by-course basis.

See: Ohio Board of Regents Operating Manual for Two Year, Campus Programs

The following distribution of courses will fulfill the requirements of the Transfer Module, which is made of the core courses:

  • English Composition - minimum of six credit hours is required
  • Mathematics - minimum of three credit hours is required
  • Natural Sciences - minimum of six credit hours is required in biology, geology, chemistry, or physics. One course must include a lab component.
  • Arts & Humanities - minimum of nine credit hours is required in art, music, literature, philosophy, or humanities. Courses must be taken in at least two subject areas.
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences - minimum of nine credit hours is required in sociology, political science, psychology, economics, anthropology, geography, or specified history courses. Courses must be taken in at least two subject areas.


Course listings with descriptions of each class may be found in the Washington State Community College Catalog

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