Industrial Technology - Process Technician

process technician


  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of manufacturing practices used in the production of raw materials and products that use those materials.
  • Apply a basic knowledge of chemistry and manufacturing processes to solve problems.
  • Be accomplished with the use of basic machines and computerized machining (CNC) equipment.
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings and apply that information in a simple and logical manner.
  • Work effectively with management and production personnel in the operation of a manufacturing facility.
  • Work in a team environment to develop a collective hypothesis on the causes of and solutions to problems or production goals.
  • Demonstrate computer literacy and use word processing, presentation and manufacturing software programs.
  • Produce written technical reports and present results using a variety of communications skills.
  • Perform appropriate mathematical functions and apply them on the job.


  • Process Control Technician
  • R&D Technician
  • Chemical Lab Technician
  • Chemical Operator

Career situations

  • Local factories
  • R&D laboratories
  • Chemical mfg. plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Certifications

The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technicians offers a voluntary certification program for engineering technicians.

Online Chemical Operator Certificate

For more information about the Online Chemical Operator program click here.

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