Industrial Technology


The Program

Representatives from local factories helped design the curriculum for our Industrial Technology program, and they continue to provide feedback as to what new employees need to know. This program provides students with the skills needed by those local industries. Many factories require applicants to have an associate degree before they will be considered for employment and graduates with an Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology have a definite advantage when trying to find the right job.

Our classes teach the knowledge and skills used in industry, with the newest advances in technology. Training on up-to-date computers, the latest software, and modern machine tools with the assistance of excellent trainers helps our graduates succeed in the workplace.

The Industrial Technology Associate Degree can be considered an applied engineering degree. This means problem solving is taught in addition to theory. Our program prepares graduates to work directly with engineering and production personnel.  Production processes are taught along with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), process control, and computer numerical control(CNC), helping to create a well-rounded technician ready to begin a career in area industry.

Industrial Technology Program Goals

  • Follow prescribed strategies to recognize technical problems, identify direct causes, and make simple corrections when they are indicated.
  • Perform appropriate mathematical functions and apply them to technical projects.
  • Be accomplished with the use of industrial and computerized numerical control equipment (CNC).
  • Apply basic scientific principles in learning new techniques and procedures.
  • Utilize a variety of communications skills (verbal, written and graphics) to communicate effectively.
  • Work in a team environment to develop a collective hypothesis on the causes and solutions to problems.
  • Demonstrate computer literacy and use word processing and PowerPoint programs.


Successful completion of the Industrial Technology program leads to the Associate of Applied Science degree.

Let our Industrial Technology program be your springboard to a bachelor's degree, putting you one-up on your competition!


Course listings with descriptions of each class may be found in the Washington State Community College Catalog.

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