Emergency Medical Technician

Basic and Advanced EMT

The Program:

The number of emergency room visits has done nothing but increase over time. Many of these ER patients are brought into the Emergency Department by ambulance or rescue squad. A squad must have no less than two EMT's to transport a patient. This increased volume of patients translates into a growing need for EMT's in both the volunteer and paid ambulance services. People trust that when 911 is called, a trained EMT will promptly be on the way to assist them with any emergency they might have. EMT's are the first link in patient care that aims to maintain a higher quality of life, or ultimately save the life of a patient who faces a serious illness or injury.

Washington State Community College is affiliating with the Emergency Training Academy of Southern Ohio to offer training for the EMT and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians. Students who complete the EMT or Advanced EMT program and are approved by the program coordinator may take the National Registry Exam. The State of Ohio requires the student to pass the National Registry in order to receive state certification to practice as an EMT at any level.

If you wish to obtain an Associate's Degree, you can easily add the Health and Wellness Curriculum, which would extend the length of the program to approximately two years.

Both EMT and Advanced EMT programs consist of 160-200 hours of training. Most of these hours, approximately 120-145, will be classroom hours. A portion of the class time will be hands-on practice of new skills. The remaining 40-60 hours will be time spent in a local hospital or rescue unit working alongside proficient individuals who will guide the student through treatment of actual patients. You will be expected to wear a uniform and act professionally as you are a representative of the College and the EMS community.

Admission Requirements:

The EMT programs at Washington State have a selective acceptance policy. The maximum class size will be twenty students at any one time. Students meeting the following requirements are eligible for consideration of acceptance into the EMT program.


  1. Washington State Community College Application (complete online at www.wscc.edu/admissions/apply-now.html)

  2. Completion of College Placement Test.

  3. Must be a High School Senior or at least 18 years of age.

  4. Completed copy of your Health Examination Form.

  5. A criminal background check, which must show that the applicant can qualify to become an EMT.

    Additional Requirements for Advanced EMT Program

    1. Current EMT-Basic card from the State of Ohio

    2. Recommendation form filled out by your squad chief or other appropriate officer*

      First Course Meeting:

    3. Passing a knowledge-based EMS pre-test with no less than an 80%. This test may be taken twice. The student will be told where their area(s) of weakness are prior to taking the test a second time.

    4. Must satisfactorily complete a hands-on practical examination.

*Some exceptions may be granted by the program coordinator.

For a current list of required courses, contact the admissions office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 740.568.1900.

Emergency Medical Technician is a certificate program.

Click here for an application packet: Emergency Medical Technician

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