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Increased need for quality assurance in the medical laboratory has led to excellent employment Health Sciences opportunities for laboratory technicians.

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) make an important contribution to the health care delivery system: they perform tests in the clinical or hospital lab that are necessary for diagnosis and treatment of disease. The results of that work guide the physician in treating patients. Although MLTs' work does not place them in direct contact with patients, they must maintain compassion and accept the patient's welfare as their highest priority.

The MLT program at Washington State combines the theory of the profession with practical laboratory skills. In the first year of the program the student will learn basic and intermediate lab skills in the student laboratory on campus. In the second year the student will practice those skills in clinical affiliate laboratories supervised by pathologists and medical technologists.

Washington State's medical laboratory technology program is fully accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

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As a medical laboratory technology student at Washington State, you will acquire skills in a program recognized for its outstanding quality. During your studies, you will:

  • Perform microscopic and chemical testing of urine.
  • Use manual and automated methods to count white and red blood cells.
  • Perform blood serum tests for diseases such as mononucleosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Test for blood clotting to monitor medication and diagnose diseases like hemophilia.
  • Grow and identify bacteria from various body sources, such as throat cultures.
  • Perform chemical assays of blood serum, including blood sugars and cholesterol levels.
  • Test and match donor blood with patient blood for compatibility prior to transfusions.


  • Medical centers
  • Hospitals
  • Private labs
  • Industrial labs
  • Clinics
  • Public health facilities
  • Research facilities

Admission requirements

Admission to the medical laboratory technology program is limited and made on a selective basis. Applicants are urged to apply early. The class will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis by students who qualify. High school or equivalent introductory courses in biology, chemistry and algebra are required prior to admission into the program; individuals who otherwise qualify for the program will be placed on a "Conditionally Accepted" list. If the applicant is able to complete the course requirements and an opening becomes available on the "Accepted" list, he or she will be accepted based on the date of application. These courses are available at Washington State.

In order for applicants to see the specific job roles of an MLT, a tour of a hospital medical laboratory is available. Attending one of these monthly tours is highly recommended. Contact the MLT program director for assistance with scheduling a tour.

The following items must be submitted in order to be considered for admission into the MLT program:

  • Washington State Community College Application for Admission.
  • MLT program application (no fee).
  • High school or college transcripts showing completion of introductory courses in biology, chemistry, and algebra, with a grade of "C" or better in each course.
  • A final high school transcript or G.E.D. certificate.
  • Three reference forms (forms supplied).
  • A meeting with the MLT director.


Course listings with descriptions of each class may be found in the Washington State Community College Catalog.
Evening courses may be required to complete this program.

Successful completion of the medical laboratory technician program leads to the Associate of Applied Science degree. Graduates are eligible to take the appropriate certification examinations offered nationally.

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