Student Disability Discrimination Grievance Procedures

Washington State Community College is committed to the ideal that all students should be free from discrimination, whether intentional or unintentional, throughout their educational pursuit at the college. If, at any time, students feel that they have been subject to discriminatory actions or denied entitled rights on the basis of disability (issues related to policies and procedure regarding physical accessibility, academic adjustments, disability harassment, retaliation, exclusion because of disability, or any other discriminatory action), resolution can be sought by filing a written grievance with the Coordinator of Student Disability Services located in the Office of Student Disability Services (OSDS) in the Center for Student Success on the first floor of the Arts and Sciences building. The Coordinator will promptly investigate the situation and determine action within ten (10) working days. Resolution of the issue may be reached at this level.

Grievance issues not resolved with the OSDS, or if the complaint is against the OSDS, students may file a written statement regarding the nature of the complaint to the Director of Human Resources located on the first floor of the main WSCC building in the administrative office area. The Director of Human Resource serves as the ADA coordinator for civil rights compliance at Washington State Community College. ADA regulations incorporate appropriate due process standards (the right to present witness, the right to representation). The Human Resource Director will make every effort to provide prompt resolution to complaints filed on the basis of disability. All grievances will be promptly and impartially investigated and evaluated and students will be informed of the findings and resolution decision within thirty (30) working days of receipt. If resolution has not been reached at this level, students may file a grievance with the Office of Civil Rights, or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

Student grievances will be confidentially filed and maintained in either the OSDS or the Human Resource Office. The grievance will be discussed only on a need to know basis with the involved parties. The student complainant's name will be kept confidential to the degree possible given the nature of the complaint. Retaliation against a student who files a complaint of discrimination or persons who participate in related proceedings is prohibited by law.

Students may seek resolution at any time during this process by filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. Office of Civil Rights, at 600 Superior Avenue East, Suite 750, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Contact Information

Barbi Cheadle  
Student Disability Services Coordinator  
Office of Student Disability Services  
374-8716 ext. 2503  
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If discrimination has occurred, be assured that Washington State Community College will take the appropriate corrective action for resolution.

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