Quarters to Semesters


Semesters is Finally Here!

Semesters start on August 20

A little froggy may have already told you that effective Fall 2012 Washington State Community College will take the leap to an academic semester system. This means that WSCC will move from 10-week quarters to 16-week semesters. Washington State Community College, like many other colleges and universities in the state of Ohio, is switching to a semester-based academic calendar. Seeing an advisor now helps you create a plan of study that will guide you through to graduation under semesters.

Why is this important for students?

Washington State is switching from quarters to semesters for Fall 2012 for a number of reasons, chiefly:

  1. The Ohio Board of Regents called for such a conversion by all University System of Ohio (USO) institutions in its recent "Strategic Plan for Higher Education."

  2. The leap to semesters will align Washington State's calendar with other four-year public institutions in the University System of Ohio (USO) and with more than 90 percent of higher education institutions across the country.

As a result, this will make the transfer of students between institutions easier and more efficient.


Semesters offer many advantages. The semester-based academic calendar:

  • Facilitates transfer of credits earned by students and program articulation between institutions because of common calendar
  • Provides more time for students to learn and experiment with course material
  • Enhances the chances for students to take classes or attend events at multiple institutions as a result of aligned academic calendars
  • Allows graduating seniors to enter the job market earlier
  • Offers more time for summer internships
  • Gives students a better chance at summer jobs since the school year ends earlier
  • Reduces registration, financial aid activity, book purchasing, etc., from three times to two times per academic year
  • Allows better scheduling of off-campus learning experiences such as clinical placements and internships
  • Provides an opportunity for faculty to review, redesign and update course curriculum and program requirements


Our Pledge

We pledge to our students that the move to a semester calendar WILL NOT significantly increase the time to graduation OR the cost to students.

  • The "transition from quarters to semesters" is approved by Washington State Community College's Board of Trustees and is now being implemented by the Q2S Transition Team.
  • WSCC is meticulously preparing for this calendar change. Faculty and staff are working diligently, revising syllabi, defining general education and transfer model requirements and revising course descriptions.

All students will be fully informed of how to complete their degrees through the use of a new intensive advising process designed for that purpose.

Guiding Principle

Washington State faculty and staff are committed to your success.

If your graduation will take place fall of 2012 or after, and you:

  • Maintain a full-time course load;
  • Earn passing grades
  • And, meet with your advisor and follow advising directives as well as the graduation requirements spelled out in the catalog

Then you should be able to graduate within the same anticipated timeline regardless of the leap to semesters.


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