The WSCC Honors Program: Creating a Fellowship of Learning

The Honors Program enhances the academic experience for high-achieving students at Washington State. Our participants are looking to enrich their education and the world beyond.

We provide a rich and challenging set of scholastic offerings to talented and highly motivated students at WSCC. Our Honors Program enables students to reach the heights of excellence. You'll enjoy special seminars and courses, vigorous intellectual classes, and the opportunity to collaborate with our talented faculty.

To participate in the program you must complete an application that includes a brief essay. You are also required to submit one letter of recommendation, however, this can be waived if you meet with at least one member of the WSCC Honors Program Committee. Lastly, you are required to meet specific academic standards, including a minimum of 3.0 GPA and/or good scores on the ACT or Accuplacer exam.

To learn more:

Dr. Christina Veladota
Associate Professor, English & Literature
Arts & Sciences, Room 255

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