TV22 is a community access TV media channel operated by Washington State Community College. It is provided to the City of Marietta and surrounding communities under the franchise agreement with Suddenlink, which provides cable TV access to the area. Only subscribers to Suddenlink can view TV22.

TV22 promotes public, educational and governmental (PEG) cable access to the Marietta and surrounding communities. TV22 provides the facilities, equipment and training to empower the community to fully utilize PEG access for the purpose of entertainment, to disseminate information, and to ensure freedom of speech.

PSA Guidelines

Acceptance Guidelines and requirements

  • Priority will be given to local events and those that affect Marietta and Washington County directly, although events in nearby areas will be accepted.
  • A PSA is an event announcement.
  • All PSAs must be for nonprofit organizations or government bodies; no commercial ads will be accepted.
  • PSAs must be appropriate for community standards.

TV22 is a family channel and TV22 will not accept any material likely to offend community standards. TV22 cannot and will not accept:

  • Advertising or material that promotes any commercial product, service, lottery, or candidate for public office.
  • Anything libelous, slanderous, or defamatory of character, or is an invasion of privacy.
  • Solicitations or appeals for funds (nonprofit fundraising activities may be described, but no repetitive direct request for funds). Material intended for personal profit or gain.
  • Material that violates laws relating to obscenity or any other applicable laws.

PEG channel policies are governed by the Federal Communications Commission and the agreement between the City of Marietta and Suddenlink Media. Copies of this agreement may be obtained from the City Administrator. The submitter must assume all liability for program content and hold the City of Marietta, Suddenlink, and Washington State Community College, and all TV22 personnel harmless from all liability or damages arising from noncompliance.

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