Start here. Go far.

To begin the process, all students should attend a CCP info session at their high school (usually held in December or January). For more detailed information, families should also attend a CCP Planning Session at WSCC (held in the early spring).

To be considered for admission to the Early College Academy (CCP at Washington State or online), follow these steps:

  1. Submit the Letter of Intent to your high school by April 1*.
  2. Complete the Early College Academy online application or complete the paper application.
  3. Submit the Early College Academy High School Academic Plan, completed and signed by your high school guidance counselor.
  4. Submit your official high school transcript. Ask for ACT/SAT scores to be included on high school transcript. If you have college credit from another institution, please request an official college transcript be sent to WSCC from that institution.
  5. Complete the placement test as determined by your CCP academic advisor at WSCC. Don’t forget to prep for your test.
  6. Make an advising appointment with a WSCC CCP academic advisor at 740.568.1930 to get registered. Thinking about online courses? Complete our FREE online readiness course.
  7. After registering for CCP classes at WSCC, take a copy of your college schedule to your high school guidance counselor.
  8. Attend CCP Fall Orientation at WSCC (usually held in July and August).

*All students MUST submit a Letter of Intent to their high school by April 1. These letters can be accepted as early as February 15. Students who attend a non-public high school or are home-schooled must submit their Letter of Intent to the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) by April 1.

Note: If you’re interested in taking CCP classes at your high school, WSCC will coordinate the entire enrollment process with your guidance office. However, you must make sure that you submit your Letter of Intent by April 1.