Of students in the class of 2020 are rethinking their college plans

Of students who take time off or delay college never earn a degree

Savings vs public in one semester

Savings vs private in just one semester

Round Out Your Schedule

Still looking for some classes this fall? We still have spots in the below popular classes. Round out your schedule today. Contact the Center for Student Success to get registered, css@wscc.edu or 740.568.1913.

Fall 2020 courses still have openings

Current College Students Enrolled Elsewhere

Enrolled somewhere else this Fall? Get the same classes with big savings. Whether you’re unsure about going away for college or all your classes have been moved online, WSCC can help bring certainty back to your academic life.

Why pay four-year college costs for an online class? Small School. Big Savings.

Research shows that when students take time off, they lose momentum and are less likely to complete their degrees.

Thinking Different

So what exactly can you do to make the most of the coming academic year?

Take the general education classes you still need for way less and transfer them back to your home school after a semester or a year with WSCC.

While you’re with us, transfer your existing credit into WSCC and work toward getting your Associate Degree or Certificate. These are great ways to help you stand out from the crowd and get an immediate return on the classes you take this coming year.

Top 5 Reasons to Rethink Your College Choices this Fall

Cost Comparison

When you compare tuition rates, the savings for even just a class or two are amazing.

  • $400 per credit hour for a four-year public college.
  • $1,100 or more per credit hour for a four-year private college.
  • Or $170 per credit at WSCC for Ohio residents and residents of 12-reciprocity counties in WV.

Students are realizing they can take the same classes for thousands of dollars less.
Ohio Comparison

West Virginia Comparison

An online class is the same no matter where you take it. Small School. Big. Savings.

There's Still Time

It isn’t too late to make adjustments to college plans. WSCC has rolling admission which means you can apply up to the start of Fall semester.

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