Welcome to WSCC

Just because you are not required to complete New Student Orientation, doesn’t mean we don’t care about your student success! Below you will find a link to the Student Orientation Guide and Student Handbook so that you have access to all policies, resources and information as our traditional students.

If you are planning to take your transient courses online, we highly encourage you to complete register for the Online Readiness Course – a free, ungraded online course that will allow students to experience the Canvas platform and expectations required in a week-long module. To register, click on the link below and use your WSCC Student credentials to sign up.

Need assistance? Call the Student OneStop at 740.568.1900 or email us at admissions@wscc.edu.

How to be successful in college

How to be Successful in College

Congratulations for enrolling! This marks your first step in taking courses at Washington State. Our goal is to make sure that you complete your courses with us successfully!Here are the top 10 things that you need to know to be successful.

#10: Attend class. You can't learn if you aren't in class. Simple, huh?

#9: Become your own advocate. It is important that you ask questions when you have them and seek help when you need it.

#8: Sit in the front of the class/Be Active. This helps you get to know your instructor and it helps make sure that you stay focused.

#7: Define your goals. All students are different and by understanding your goals you can create a plan to help you achieve those goals.

#6: Take only the classes that you need for your major. By doing so, you can make sure that you stay on track with your degree and you complete your education on-time with less loan-debt!

#5: Meet with your advisor...often. You should meet with your academic advisor at your home institution to guarantee that the course you take at WSCC is both needed and will transfer back after you complete it. Do it now, so you don’t waste the time taking a course you don’t need.

#4: Understand how financial aid works. A majority of transient students choose to self pay for classes they take at WSCC due to our low tuition costs, but some are able to use financial aid from their home institutions to help cover costs. Talk to your home institution’s Financial Aid Office about options!

#3: Make sure to transfer your credits! Once you have successfully completed the course(s) you take as a transient student with us, make sure that you transfer them back to your home institution so that you can get the credit to use toward your degree. Request your transcripts from the Records Office by filling out the Transcript Request Form.

#2: Use college resources, including those that are online. Washington State offers many types of resources to help you succeed. You should make sure that you understand online resources like Student Planning, so you have immediate access to managing your schedule, viewing your aid, etc. You can log-in to Student Planning by going to https://my.wscc.edu. WSCC also offers free tutoring, library resources, and a host of other handy resources that transient students can take advantage of during their time with us.

#1: Never, ever give up. College is not going to be easy but everyone here wants to see you succeed. When times get tough, reach out to your advisor, your instructors, or our staff. And remember:

From here, anything is possible.