Employment Opportunities


Executive Director for Workforce Development & Corporate Partnerships - will continue to accept applications until the position is filled

Vice President for Academic Affairs - applications will be accepted until March 16, 2018


Chief Administrator - College Tech Prep - will continue to accept applications until the position is filled


Resident Assistant (RA) Upward Bound - applications will be accepted until position is filled

Assistant Registrar - applications will be accepted until 5pm on February 23, 2018

Assistant Director of Public Service and POBA Commander (PT) - applications will be accepted until position is filled

Adjunct Faculty

Washington State Community College is seeking applicants for the following Adjunct Faculty positions.

  1. This position requires an Associate’s degree in a related field (Bachelor’s degree preferred):
    1. Automotive Instructor
    2. Diesel Instructor
    3. Welding Instructor
  2. These positions require a Bachelor’s degree in a related field:
    1. Electrical Engineering
    2. Industrial Faculty Instructor
  3. These positions require the completion of an approved registered nursing education program; experience for at least two years in the practice of nursing as a registered nurse; a bachelor’s degree in nursing, MSN preferred; a current valid license in the state of Ohio; a valid West Virginia license may be required for ADN clinicals:
    1. Clinical Faculty LPN
    2. Clinical Faculty ADN
  4. These positions require a Master’s degree in a related subject area with at least 18 graduate semester hours in the specific subject area:
    1. Art
    2. Biology
    3. Business
    4. Chemistry
    5. English
    6. History
    7. Humanities
    8. Marketing
    9. Math
    10. Philosophy
    11. Physics
    12. Psychology
    13. Social Services
    14. Sociology
    15. Speech
Application Process
  • To apply please email a cover letter, resume, unofficial transcripts, and the attached application for employment, to hr@wscc.edu
  • Please include your name and the position for which you are applying in the subject line.
  • Positions will remain open until a candidate is placed in the position and/or until the College closes the search.
  • Only those submissions that are complete, as outlined within this application process and submitted by the application deadline posted, will be included in the initial consideration.
  • All other submissions may be considered, if the screening process has not been initiated and/or completed.
  • If hired, official transcripts will be requested and required.

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