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Thanks for your interest in applying to Washington State Community College. Remember, WSCC is an open enrollment institution. That means that we don’t require specific test scores or GPAs for a student to be admitted* to the College. However, students interested in applying to Washington State must be a high school graduate or possess a GED. Oh, and what about the cost to apply? We think college should be accessible to everyone so we’re committed to keeping our application FREE to all students.

If you’ve graduated from high school in the past two years, you’re encouraged to submit an official copy of your high school transcript. While not required for admission, high school transcripts can be used to determine course placement.

*WSCC health programs are selective. Learn more here.

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After you apply, you’ll receive your acceptance letter both via email and mail to your home address. Make sure that you refer back to your admission checklist for your next steps.

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