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WSCC is Committed to Student Success

Over 50 Years of Excellence

Washington State Community College (WSCC) is a two-year college in the Mid-Ohio Valley offering more than 40 certificate and associate degree programs.  We opened our doors in 1971 and, in fact, our first graduating class was actually a rather small group of only four graduates. However, we have grown since then and today we boast more than 12,000 alumni. Even so, one constant has remained during our more than 50 years in education — our commitment to fuel the community’s future. We do this through education, workforce development, cultural enrichment, and community service.

Our faculty and staff take pride in maintaining a dynamic learning environment. With small class sizes, we foster a culture of hard work, dedication, and encouragement to help you reach your full potential. And whether you prefer face-to-face, online, blended (both online and in the classroom), day or evening classes, WSCC is ready to help you discover what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Excellence is our Guide

Above all, our focus is steadfastly on student success, as a result, our progress and achievements in this arena have been rewarded with state and national recognition. These accolades are the result of specific initiatives we set in motion that provide opportunities for us to help you successfully complete your courses and ultimately attain your degree.

Student Success Is What We Do


Washington State Community College responds to the education and workforce needs of our community by providing dynamic and affordable associate degree and certificate programs in an atmosphere that promotes student success.


Our vision is to inspire individual excellence and success.


In creating an environment of trust and respect for faculty, staff, and students, the WSCC community strives to live by a set of values to be practiced each day and in each encounter.

Respect – To acknowledge the humanity of all individuals through compassionate action.
Ethics – To demonstrate honesty, integrity, responsibility, and accountability.
Inspiration – To provide an atmosphere that encourages our campus community to develop, grow, and succeed as lifelong learners.
Inclusion – To provide an atmosphere that fosters respect and acknowledges, explores, and embraces the diversity and uniqueness of all regional and global cultures.
Success – To enable all students, faculty, and staff to be successful academically, personally, and professionally.
Excellence – To reach our maximum potential as a community college through continuous improvement, institutional growth, excellence in teaching, and community engagement.
Teamwork – To foster a culture of collaboration within the campus community that supports our mission, our students, our employees, and the surrounding area.
Stewardship – To be responsible stewards of college resources: human, fiscal, natural, physical, and virtual.

Student Success

Jake Binegar is a smooth-voiced country music singer/songwriter who is on the cusps of making it big in the entertainment business. He has traveled the country opening for names like Confederate Railroad, Jason Michael Carroll, and The Davisson Brothers. But when he’s not on stage, you’ll find him in the halls of Washington State Community College (WSCC) making a name for himself as a stand-out student.

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