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Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

The Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program at Washington State, will train you in the behind-the-scenes laboratory of the healthcare industry. MLTs are a critical component of a functioning healthcare facility. Our graduates work under the supervision of physicians, lab managers or lab technologists to conduct lab tests on specimens. The work they do behind-the-scenes helps doctors detect diseases or illnesses and determine treatment options. We've added an Online Medical Laboratory Technology degree. Courses are offered 100% online. You can earn your degree from the comforts of your home without ever having to come to campus.

A shortage in the field has resulted in great employment opportunity for Med Lab Techs and government statistics indicate an 18% increase in this occupation through 2024.

While MLTs commonly work in hospitals, this career path offers diverse job opportunities, not all of which require patient contact, including working in a hospital lab, clinic, doctor’s office, or an industrial lab.

MLT Accreditation Information

MLT Stats

Board of Registry Pass Rates

(ASCP) Board of Certification Pass Rates

NATIONAL AVERAGE7777828282857984

# Students entering 2nd half of program109119910141016
# Graduates77118910117
% Graduation Rate7078100891001007970

# Students entering program9915101520181718
# Students entering final semester771191013141016
% Students retained787873906765785989

External certification exam201520162017201820192020202120222023
# Students taking exam6771261110117
# Students passing exam67611511910
% Pass Rate10010086928310090910

# Graduates7771189910117
# Students employed in related field677107999115
# Students continuing education0000100000
% Graduates employed or continuing education86100100911001001009010071

MLT Program Statistics

medical laboratory technology

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