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Enrolling at Washington State Community College was a smart investment in your future. Keep moving in the right direction with the Franklin University Pathway Portal. As you progress toward your WSCC associate degree, the Pathway Portal shows you how each class you complete also puts a bachelor’s degree from Franklin University within reach.

The Pathway Portal also increases the benefits of the 3+1 transfer program by keeping you up-to-date on exactly how the credits you earn at WSCC transfer to Franklin University and what additional courses can be completed at WSCC. You’ll see how your completed courses fit in your bachelor’s program of choice alongside the other programs Franklin offers. This program-to-program comparison ensures that you maximize your transfer credit and save time and money toward your bachelor’s degree.

Building on the seamless transfer agreements between Washington State Community College and Franklin, the Pathway Portal provides:

  • Best fit Franklin majors based on your completed coursework at WSCC.
  • Course suggestions to simultaneously satisfy associate and bachelor’s degree requirements.
  • Streamlined application to Franklin to finish the remainder of your bachelor’s degree credits.
  • A special Pathway Portal tuition rate of $298 per credit hour for new students who enroll at Franklin during the 2023-24 academic year and meet eligibility requirements.

Interested in jumping aboard the Pathway Portal?


Before you can access Franklin University’s Pathway Portal we must first send them your personal and academic information.

Current Students: If you are interested in transferring to Franklin University and agree to this transfer of data, use the button below to log into the student portal and submit the opt in form.

Franklin Opt-In Form

Alumni: If you are interested in transferring to Franklin University and would like to gain access to the Franklin Pathway Portal please contact us at so that we can transfer your data. Please include your full name and date of birth to help identify you. Please allow up to two business days for changes to be processed.

Once you’ve opted in you can access the Pathway Portal by clicking the button below.

Pathway Portal