Washington State Community College (WSCC) is pleased to recognize the 316 students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2023 Spring semester.

MARIETTA, OHIO —Washington State Community College (WSCC) is pleased to recognize the 316 students who have earned a place on the President's and Dean's lists for the 2023 Spring semester.

“We join our students in celebration of their outstanding scholastic work. They’ve held themselves to high standards, worked hard, and it has paid off for them. Congratulations, students.” said WSCC Dean of Student Success Kathy Temple-Miller.

Students must be enrolled full-time with a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President's List honors or a minimum 3.5 - 3.9 GPA for Dean's List recognition.


Miah Allen— Vincent, OH
Olivia Alloway— Marietta, OH
Taylor Anderson— Barlow, OH
Madelyn Armstrong— Cutler, OH
Graham Baker— Beverly, OH
Jaymison Baker— Beverly, OH
Zachary Bartlett— Marietta, OH
Connor Beavers— Marietta, OH
Isabella Becker— Marietta, OH
William Bonney— Newcomerstown, OH
William Borling— New Matamoras, OH
Charlee Breece— Fleming, OH
Lakyn Brooker— Fleming, OH
Amy Brookhart— Belpre, OH
Hadyn Brown— Friendly, WV
Katherine Brown— Parkersburg, WV
Brittany Cao— Parkersburg, WV
Alex Carpenter— Marietta, OH
Stephanie Carpenter— Columbus, OH
Jaslynn Casto— Marietta, OH
Carter Cox— Parkersburg, WV
Jacob Crawford— Little Hocking, OH
Benjamin Crow— Belpre, OH
Andrew Currey— Marietta, OH
Nicole Davis— Washington, WV
Wyatt Deem— Little Hocking, OH
EmmiJenn Dowell— Little Hocking, OH
Jayden Dowell— Little Hocking, OH
Kaden Dowler— Lowell, OH
Matthew Duskey— Elizabeth, WV
Matthew Eichhorn— Washington, WV
Meagan Elliott— Marietta, OH
Kyra English— Lewisville, OH
Walker Feick— Belpre, OH
Jacob Feldner— Caldwell, OH
Allison Florence— Little Hocking, OH
Alexis Franchino— Waterford, OH
Lillian Franchino— Waterford, OH
Dalton Frederickson— Caldwell, OH
Lucas Fullerton— Belpre, OH
Elijah Gardner— Marietta, OH
Brianna Gardner — Vienna, WV
Ava Gebczyk— Marietta, OH
Caden Gebczyk— Marietta, OH
Sydney Gentry— Marietta, OH
Alec Graham— Marietta, OH
Stephen Graham — Parkersburg, WV
Wyatt Grayson— Vincent, OH
Nathaniel Griffith— Washington, WV
Elaina Hamrick— Waterford, OH
Dominic Hand— Belpre, OH
Helena Hardy— Marietta, OH
Bryson Harper— Caldwell, OH
Alexis Harvey— Marietta, OH
Haley Hatfield— Parkersburg, WV
Madison Hiener— Waterford, OH
Anna Holschuh— Marietta, OH
Shianna Howard— Cambridge, OH
Camden Huck— Beverly, OH
Sebastian Huck— Beverly, OH
Tess Huffman— Marietta, OH
Zachary Huffman— Lower Salem, OH
Arwyn Hunt— Athens, OH
Isaiah Hutchings— Lowell, OH
Josie Jackson— Waterford, OH
Audrey Johnson— Belpre, OH
Maggie Johnson— Belpre, OH
Jackson Kelly— Vienna, WV
Jamie Kenney— McConnelsville, OH
John King— Marietta, OH
Erika Klauka— Parkersburg, WV
Izak Knighten— Marietta, OH
Andrew Koping— Nelsonville, OH
Joseph Lamp— Belpre, OH
Olivia Lang— Marietta, OH
Anastassja Lannigan— Marietta, OH
Jaelin Lawrence— Dexter City, OH
Denise Lee— Marietta, OH
Steven Lee— Marietta, OH
Landyn Listermann— Marietta, OH
Samantha Losey— Williamstown, WV
Heather Lott— Parkersburg, WV
David Lowe— Vienna, WV
Sonya Lucas— Cutler, OH
Isabel Macatol— Marietta, OH
Ryan Mason— Vincent, OH
Jeremy Maxwell— Beverly, OH
Kendra Mayle— Belpre, OH
Aileen McCarron— Marietta, OH
Aubrey McIntire— Beverly, OH
Jessica McKinney— Elizabeth, WV
Dillon Miller— Sardis, OH
Seth Miller— Whipple, OH
Lydia Mills— Marietta, OH
Justin Morgan— Marietta, OH
Vivian Muntz— Marietta, OH
Allee Nau— Marietta, OH
Hunter Nemeth— Elizabeth, WV
Anastasia Nicholas— Fleming, OH
Sophia Novo— Marietta, OH
Korey-Robert Oakes— Woodsfield, OH
Kianna O'Brien— Lower Salem, OH
Haden Offenberger— Waterford, OH
Savannah Offenberger— Newport, OH
James O'Neill— Vincent, OH
Thomas O'Neill— Vincent, OH
Bella Padovini— Marietta, OH
Kristen Pfaff— Marietta, OH
Kylie Pope— McConnelsville, OH
Emma Poulton— Marietta, OH
Billie Prunty— Marietta, OH
Chase Radabaugh— Caldwell, OH
Skyler Radabaugh— Vincent, OH
Matthew Rasmussen— Belpre, OH
Andrew Rauch— Marietta, OH
Hunter Rauch— Lowell, OH
Lukas Reed— Reno, OH
Kodi Reynolds— Vincent, OH
Jeffery Richards— Parkersburg, WV
Ezekiel Rinard— New Matamoras, OH
Maclane Roe— Lowell, OH
Sarah Sanderson— Williamstown, WV
Lily Sands— Marietta, OH
Makenzie Sargent— Cutler, OH
Marissa Sarringhausen— Marietta, OH
Kaitlyn Schaad— Marietta, OH
Amanda Schneider— Marietta, OH
Olivia Schott— Waterford, OH
Tristen Sealey— Marietta, OH
Zachary Searles— Middleport, OH
Steven Shockley— Sardis, OH
Aubrey Simms— Marietta, OH
Logan Soria— Marietta, OH
Phinnigan Spindler— Beverly, OH
Justin Stalnaker— Belpre, OH
Preston Stamp— New Matamoras, OH
Jacob Starcher— Palestine, WV
Jilliann Stemple— Fleming, OH
Kimberly Tatro— Lower Salem, OH
Kurt Taylor— Fleming, OH
Michael Terry— Fairmont, WV
Ella Timberlake— Caldwell, OH
Dustin Timberman— Little Hocking, OH
Chloe Tornes— Lowell, OH
Albreah Triplett— New Matamoras, OH
Julia Tucker— Marietta, OH
Kenzley Urban— Marietta, OH
Emil Valent— Philo, OH
Michelle VanWay— Williamstown, WV
Aaron Vessels— Marietta, OH
Shelby Wagner— Waterford, OH
Makenzie Ward— Whipple, OH
Dakota Warner— Newport, OH
Danielle Warner— Paden City, WV
Traci Welch— Marietta, OH
Kali Wells— Marietta, OH
Lillian Westbrock— Marietta, OH
Alexis Wilhelm— Long Bottom, OH
Natalie Williams— Ravenswood, WV
Rebecca Williams— Vincent, OH
Justine Wilson— Wingett Run, OH
Zachary Wilson— Davisville, WV
Phillip Wilt— Williamstown, WV
Kyle Wine— Little Hocking, OH
Hannah Wingrove— Parkersburg, WV
Ian Withers— Caldwell, OH
Emily Young— Elizabeth, WV
Reno Yurco— Caldwell, OH


Alexa Allen— New Matamoras, OH
David Allman— Amesville, OH
Matthew Altenburger— Marietta, OH
Alexis Antill— Beverly, OH
Benjamin Baker— Caldwell, OH
Erica Barnett— Caldwell, OH
Anthony Barnhart— Davisville, WV
Isaiah Barnhart— Vincent, OH
Holden Barton— Lowell, OH
Kail Bauerbach— Lowell, OH
Branden Baumgartner— Stockport, OH
Madison Bell— Washington, WV
Thai Bigley— Marietta, OH
Bradley Bilyeu— Beallsville, OH
Tanner Booth— Hockingport, OH
Austin Brooker— New Matamoras, OH
Blake Brooker— New Matamoras, OH
Alexis Brown— Marietta, OH
Jacob Brown— Mineral Wells, WV
Jacob Brown— Vincent, OH
Katara Brown— Marietta, OH
Austin Brunny— Vienna, WV
Cullen Bunner— Marietta, OH
Christian Cain— Elizabeth, WV
Gabrielle Chaffin— Williamstown, WV
Brittanie Chaney— Sardis, OH
Emily Cisler— New Matamoras, OH
Maggie Clendenning— Marietta, OH
Bryce Collins— Belpre, OH
Summer Colvin— Belpre, OH
Brennen Cross— Vienna, WV
Madison Cumberledge— Marietta, OH
Trey Cunningham— Newport, OH
Regan Curry— Vincent, OH
Jericha Cuthbertson— Marietta, OH
Carmel Lydavel Davis— Leon, WV
Mathew Deems— Belpre, OH
Easton DePuy— Caldwell, OH
Charles Domonkos— Stow, OH
Gunnar Dotson— Parkersburg, WV
Dalaney Drake— McConnelsville, OH
Joseph Drum— Lewisville, OH
Brooklyn Dunn— New Matamoras, OH
Kendall Eddy— Wingett Run, OH
Ashley Eltringham— Parkersburg, WV
Alisyn Felton— New Matamoras, OH
Cody Ferguson— Marietta, OH
Emmy Flowers— Parkersburg, WV
Jason Folts— Marietta, OH
Bethany Fought— Parkersburg, WV
Heath Givens— Mareitta , OH
Dylan Gordon— Little Hocking, OH
Brandon Grayson— Cutler, OH
Matthew Groff— Parkersburg, WV
Kaitlin Haessly— Marietta, OH
Cooper Hamilton— Newport, OH
Marah Harper— Marietta, OH
Madison Harrington— Belpre, OH
Madison Hellein— Belpre, OH
Alexander Henke— Waterford, OH
Hailey Hickman— Parkersburg, WV
Kassandra Hopkins— Parkersburg, WV
Adrianna Hosom— Marietta, OH
Olivia Huck— Marietta, OH
Carlee Hupp— Ravenswood, WV
Marcus Ingram— Belpre, OH
Emily Jackson— Vincent, OH
Madison Jackson— Newport, OH
Dana Johnson— Vienna, WV
Shawniey Johnson— Logan, OH
David Jones— Harrisville, WV
Jonas Judge— Rio Grande, OH
Jo Keefer— Marietta, OH
Rylee Kendall— Marietta, OH
Matthias Kesselring— Beverly, OH
Shelby Knicely— Elizabeth, WV
Grace Knowlton— Newport, OH
Johnathon Kocher— Sistersville, WV
Katherine Korodi— Marietta, OH
Justin Labarre— Marietta, OH
Georgia Laumann— Marietta, OH
Adia Levingston— Marion, OH
Katie Lovejoy— Marietta, OH
Kiairra Lucas— Cutler, OH
Ryan Lynch— Harrisville, WV
Katrina Machamer — Parkersburg, WV
Kathryn Mannix— Marietta, OH
Christian Marasco— Marietta, OH
Joshua Martin— Marietta, OH
Madeline Martin— Marietta, OH
Kristin Matheny— Lowell, OH
Alyssa McCutcheon— Waterford, OH
Grant McCutcheon— Waterford, OH
Karah McGraw— Parkersburg, WV
Ella Mendenhall— Newport, OH
Whitney Noland— Zanesville, OH
Alisa Ord— Pomeroy, OH
William Page— Marietta, OH
William Palmer— Marietta, OH
Jacob Pantelidis— Waterford, OH
Joseph Parrish— Paden City, WV
Benjamin Pfeiffer— Marietta, OH
Alyssa Phillips— Paden City, WV
Tiffany Ramsey— Parkersburg, WV
William Randall— Belpre, OH
Gwyneth Rauch— Lowell, OH
Meadow Rauch— Lowell, OH
Josie Reed— Sardis, OH
Mitchell Rehl— Marietta, OH
Lyndsie Riffle— Parkersburg, WV
Olivia Rinard— Williamstown, WV
Christopher Ritchie— Lowell, OH
Madison Roberts— Marietta, OH
Audrey Ross— Athens, OH
Alissa Saffell— Waterford, OH
Stephanie Satterfield— St. Marys, WV
Aubrey Schenz— Belpre, OH
Bryce Schilling— Beverly, OH
Averi Schwendeman— Vincent, OH
Gage Setterstrom— Marietta, OH
Jalynn Shapley— New Matamoras, OH
Hannah Sheppard— Parkersburg, WV
Heather Shilling— Lower Salem, OH
Colton Shriver— Vincent, OH
Jordyn Simmons— Belpre, OH
Samantha Simpson— Waterford, OH
Justin Smith— Belpre, OH
Ethan Snyder— Newport, OH
Lucille Spung— Beverly, OH
Stacy Stalder— Athens, OH
Benjamin Stellfox— Dexter City, OH
Ryan Stilgenbauer— Parkersburg, WV
Zarah Strahler— Waterford, OH
Lydia Tagliarini— Saint Marys, WV
Preston Taitt— Little Hocking, OH
Rainey Tiegs— Belpre, OH
Tyler Tillis— Middleport, OH
Galilea Trujillo— Marietta, OH
Mark Tucker— Parkersburg, WV
Christina Tyson— Moxahala, OH
Kaylee Ullman— Lowell, OH
Jimmy Westbrooks— Covington, GA
Maggie White— Lower Salem, OH
Addison Wolfe— Lowell, OH
Samarra Wolfe— Belpre, OH
Hunter Wood— Middleport, OH
Emily Yost— Belpre, OH