An Introduction to College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) is open to all Ohio college-ready students in grades 7-12. It enables students to earn both high school and college credit at the same time. Students can earn up to 30 college credit hours per academic year, which includes the summer session, with a maximum of 120 college credit hours while enrolled in the program. The courses, including all applicable fees and textbooks, are offered free to the student at Washington State as well as any public college/university in Ohio.

As a CCP student, you can choose to take classes on the WSCC campus, online or at your high school. Take one class or a full-time courseload, the possibilities are endless!

College Credit Plus (CCP) at WSCC or Online

Branded as the Early College Academy, students have access to hundreds of course options in a wide variety of subject areas. As part of the Early College Academy, you’ll be able to create a schedule tailored to your interests. You’ll follow the College’s academic calendar, taking 16-week classes in the fall and/or spring semester with the option to take 8-week classes in the summer. Don’t worry, you have the option to take one class or many. It’s completely up to you!

College Credit Plus (CCP) at Your High School

Offered conveniently at your high school, these courses are taught by high school instructors who are credentialed to teach college-level courses. And yes, the course is the same course that is offered on the WSCC’s simply taught at your high school. With this CCP option, your course will be part of your high school schedule. Click here for a complete list of WSCC courses offered at local high schools.

Early College Academy Scholarship

The Early College Academy Scholarship is a competitive scholarship worth up to $1,000. The scholarship can be used at an accredited four-year institution towards the cost of tuition. The scholarship is non-transferable and non-renewable. The scholarship must be split between the fall and spring semesters. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours as a participant in the Early College Academy (ECA) at WSCC. To be part of the Academy, students must take College Credit Plus (CCP) classes on the WSCC campus or online.

To be considered, all students must submit the following by April 1, 2020:

All requirements can be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid:

  • Mailing: 710 Colegate Dr., Marietta, OH 45750
  • Fax: 740.376.0257
  • Email:

Application/Enrollment Process

We’re excited that you’re ready to learn about enrolling as a CCP student. Our staff will work with you and your guidance office to make sure that you get a great start to earning early college credit at WSCC.

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CCP Planning Sessions & Orientation

Every great college experience begins with good planning and preparation. As you’re gathering information about CCP, we invite you to a planning session. Then, once you enroll with us, you’ll be asked to attend an orientation.

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