Placement testing

Let’s face it, most students aren’t looking forward to placement tests. But these tests are important because they help us place you in the right English and math courses. Placement tests route students in two basic directions: developmental and college-level. Developmental courses are those that help you brush up on content while college-level courses are applied towards your degree requirements.

At Washington State, we take a holistic approach to determining college readiness and will review a combination of both placement tests and transcripts to determine course placement.

Placement options include:


The ACCUPLACER and/or official ACT or SAT scores (all scores are valid for two years). The ACCUPLACER is administered free of charge on campus.

Contact the WSCC Advising Office at 740.568.1930 to schedule your ACCUPLACER test.

Not close to campus? View our remote testing procedure here.

An official high school transcript

Valid for placement if you’ve graduated in the last two years.

An official college transcript

Your previous coursework will be considered in the placement process. Be sure to follow the transfer process to get your credit transferred to WSCC from your previous institution.

Placement Testing Guidelines

Wondering if placement testing applies to you?

  • All degree-seeking students must complete one or more of the placement options, including testing or transcripts, described above.
  • Transient/guest students do not have to take a placement test or provide transcripts.
  • College Credit Plus (CCP) students must complete a placement test to determine eligibility. For more information on the CCP enrollment process, click here.

Test Prep

Don’t forget to prep before taking the ACCUPLACER. While content on the test may not be entirely new to you, it will be beneficial to review subject-specific concepts. The higher you place on your test, the fewer courses you may have to take...saving you both time and money. Take advantage of free ACCUPLACER practice questions and the official ACCUPLACER web-based study app. Make sure you check with the WSCC Advising Office to confirm which subject areas you are taking. Let's get started.

After Your Assessment

After you complete the ACCUPLACER, an advisor will review your scores with you and help you plan your next steps. If you choose to retest, you will need to attend one our free, brush-up sessions to be eligible to retake the ACCUPLACER. Taught by WSCC faculty, these sessions are offered regularly in both math and English. Contact us at 740.568.1930 to arrange your brush-up.

ASPIRE to College Equals Success (ACES)

For students who need an intensive brush-up, Washington State Community College is proud to partner with ASPIRE to offer the ACES program. ACES is offered at no charge to students and is a great way to get the foundation you need to be successful at WSCC.