While there are lots of reasons why students should attend Washington State, the transferability of our courses is definitely at the top of the list. Students can start their education here and transfer their coursework to an endless number of four-year colleges and universities.

The transfer pathway, often referred to as 2+2, is designed so you can start your education at Washington State with a two-year associate degree and then transfer credits to a four-year college/university to complete your bachelor’s degree in just two additional years. Every student’s pathway is unique so some students will take a longer or shorter time to complete their degree. But either way, the transferability of credits helps students save money when they attend a community college prior to enrolling at a four-year college or university. Just how much can you save? Generally, students will save more than $25,000. Check out our cost comparison guide for Ohio and West Virginia.

Articulation Agreements

Articulations are a type of transfer where the pathway to a bachelor's degree is even clearer. There is 100% transfer between classes and programs that have articulations, so you know the exact duration of your education.

Check out WSCC's four-year partners and articulation agreements below.

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science (CMMS)

Transfer Articulation Agreement: WSCC and CCMS offer a seamless pathway from an Associate of Technical Study to Bachelor's in Mortuary Science (face-to-face program).

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

CCMS Contact: Pam Donlon, 513.618.1927,

Franklin University

Franklin University offers 100% transfer of credit up to 94 semester hours under our articulation agreement and have several 3 + 1 and 2 + 2 program options. Please see the Programs of Study list below for more information on our articulation program offerings.

Franklin University announced that effective in the Fall 2019 term it will reduce its undergraduate tuition rate by 24%, lowering the cost from $526 per credit hour to $398 per credit hour.

General Transfer Articulation: Franklin University will accept WSCC credits toward completing a four-year degree online. You can visit this link to find out how your WSCC courses will transfer to Franklin.

Transfer Articulation:  Business Management, Accounting, Bachelor of Technical Studies: WSCC's Cyber Security and Investigation degrees all have specific articulation agreements with Franklin.

Other Resources:

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

Franklin Contact: Andrew Chamberlain, Enrollment Advisor, 614.947.6244,

Herzing University

Transfer Articulation: Herzing University offers students with an Associate in Business the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor's in Business Articulation online. Herzing also offers an ADN to BSN pathway. Click here for the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.

Featuring the DegreeUp Program

More than 72% of our enrollment is in a healthcare related field.

Now offering an online DegreeUp option that WSCC graduates are eligible for:

  • RN to BSN
  • RN to MSN (NEW)
  • RN to MSN - psychiatric nurse practitioner (NEW)
  • Healthcare Science bachelor's degree
  • Healthcare Management bachelor's degree

As well as other bachelor degree options such as:

  • IT including Cybersecurity and Software Development
  • Business Management
  • Homeland Security
  • Criminal Justice
  • Technology Management

We also have a brand-new bachelor's degree called interdisciplinary studies for those students that have not declared a major until late in their academic career.

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

Herzing Contact: Danielle Moore,

Marietta College

WSCC2MC Transfer Pathway

WSCC2MC Crosswalk

WSCC2MC Articulation Agreement

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

Marietta Contact: Katie Fennell, Director of Admission, 740.376.4369,

Miami University

Transfer Articulation Electrical & Computer Engineering Program: Bachelor of Science in Applied Science - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology. Click here for the Course Flow Chart.

Transfer Articulation Electro-Mechanical Engineering Program: Bachelor of Science in Applied Science - Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology. Click here for the Course Flow Chart.

Click here to learn how to start your Bachelor's in Engineering Technology at Miami University.

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

Muskingum University

General Transfer Articulation: Muskingum University will accept WSCC credits toward completing a four-year degree online. Click here for the Muskingum University Transfer Equivalency Guide with WSCC. You can also find the information at:

For more information go to:

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

Muskingum Contact: Alex Blankenship, 740.303.7755,

Ohio University

Transfer to Ohio University: As a public university, all transfer module (TM) classes count for credit at OU. You can find detailed information about WSCC to OU transfer options at or contact Jona Hall (740.885.5754, or

Transfer Articulation RN to BSN: Students who earn their Associate degree in Nursing (RN) can connect to their Bachelor's degree through a specialized agreement with OU. For more information contact Darla Boone (740.374.8716 ext. 1683 or

Transfer Articulation BTAS (tech programs): Customer Service, Applied Communication, Criminal Justice, and Applied Management

Transfer Articulation BSAM Program: Bachelor of Science in Applied Management

Transfer Articulation BCJ Program: Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Ohio University Contact: Angelia Bradley, Assistant Director, 740-597-7919,

Ohio Valley University

Transfer to Ohio Valley University: If you are interested in continuing your education from WSCC to OVU, there are several pathways to consider in Social Work and Education.

Transfer Articulations: Cyber Security and Investigation.

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

University of Cincinnati

Washington State Community College and University of Cincinnati have developed specific agreements intended for students at WSCC to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree at UC. Check out this special video from UC just for transfer students!

We realize transferring to a new college is a big step. The Transfer & Transition Advising Center at UC is here to help with a dedicated and centralized team of advisors to help you understand how your credits transfer and apply to specific UC majors. They also provide advice about the most efficient path to achieving your goals. Further, once you’re admitted, they offer a New Student Transfer Welcome designed to help connect you to all the resources and technology you need to succeed at UC. Welcomes also cover ways to get involved, network with other students, and gain leadership experience. Learn more at

The following transfer pathways can be found on UC’s Articulation Agreement website:

For more information about transferring:

West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Transfer to WVU-P: Many students choose to transfer from WSCC to WVU-P to complete their four year degree. WVU-P has several reciprocity agreements that allow students from Ohio to enroll in bachelor's programs at a reduced cost, including degrees in Business Administration, Elementary Education K-6, and Applied Technology.

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU) is a competency-based, student-focused, online, nonprofit university.

Transfer Articulation: WGU offers programs in four areas for students with an associate degree from WSCC: Teacher's College, College of Business, Nursing, and the College of Information Technology.

WSCC Contact: Jona Hall, 740.885.5754,

WGU contact: 866.225.5948,

Transfer Assistance

We encourage our students who are planning to pursue a bachelor's degree to have a conversation with their academic advisor or the Dean of Transfer and Services. They can assist you with questions about transfer and make the process less daunting. Our Transfer Assistance services include:

  • Guidance on selecting a four-year college that fits your career pathway
  • Advice on the courses and pathways best suited to your degree pursuit
  • Connecting you with an advisor at a four-year college for transfer planning
  • Arranging visits by representatives from four-year colleges to our campus.

View WSCC's Transfer Module

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WSCC Class of 2017, Liberal Arts Transfer
Currently enrolled at Ohio University with a double major in Marketing and Business Management and Strategic Leadership

“Throughout high school I was an average student. Once at Washington State I began to thrive. I started to excel in my academics and I truly started to see myself grow. I found myself enjoying my school work and this gave me the ambition to do more!”


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